Wrist Strap - Pick Your Color

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Most orders come with a few random small gifts from the seller. However, the color and gifts are random and chosen by the artist. If you wish to have a specific color, or additional wrist strap, please order from this listing. (Comes with 2 per pair)

In the shopping cart, in the "order notes" section, please put the color of wrist strap that you would like to add.

  • Made of premium nylon material, it's soft and comfortable to wear
  • Easy to attach and detach for item with lanyard port/hole
  • Dimensions: 7 (L)(in full)

Shipping times may vary based on design. The average wait period is 4-8 weeks for shoes, 7-10 days for merch, and 3-5 days for digital artwork.

The shoe process:

- Your shoes are ordered direct from brand company.

- Once received, your shoes are prepped for painting.

- Once the design is laid and painted, a sealant is added.

- Your order is prepped for shipping.

- Once completed, the shoes are shipped with USPS priority 2-3 day mail.

Some orders can be created and shipped within a weeks time or next day. Please message the seller for a quick turn-around.

All exchanges and returns are accepted if the shoes are clean and in perfect condition. Please message the seller for a prompt return or shoe size/style exchange.